Athletics is a sport founded in antiquity and carries the mantle of the Olympic Games’ number one spectator sport. Athletics draws the world’s attention every four years - it is not subjective, it does not discriminate - it’s a body against a body, it’s a mind against a mind. Sport does not get any simpler.

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Our athletics academies

The ACE Trust funded the building of TuksSport High School and partnered with the University of Pretoria to manage the athletics programme. In 2014, the ACE Trust funded the first intake of 24 athletes to join the programme.

Young athletes join the Tuks Athletics Academy and become members of the Tuks Athletics Club, which is situated on the University of Pretoria’s sports campus.  This high-altitude facility comprises 76 hectares of dedicated sports grounds with state-of-the-art technology and expertise, including athletics tracks, gym, sports science medical, psychology and nutrition.

Academy athletes train daily alongside Olympic and internationally recognised athletes and live out their passion in this unique environment which stimulates academic, emotional and physical development. Athletics Academy coaches are specialists in various athletic disciplines including sprints, middle distance, race walking, hurdles, jumps and throw.

TuksSport High School is registered with the Gauteng Education Department and tuition is in English.

The ACE Trust and the School work together to address language and numeracy difficulties through a structured bridging programme.  The School offers a quality education with a flexible time-table structure which allows for optimal training without compromising academic development.

TuksSport High School is open to elite athletes from all sporting codes offered at HPC including swimming, boys and girls’ football, triathlon, golf, cricket, gymnastics, soccer, judo etc.  Athletics Track is the dominant sport code. In 2023, the School opened a Cycling Academy linked to the professional cycle team Q36.5 which is based in Switzerland.

The ACE Trust partnered with the SA Endurance Academy (Endurocad) to manage the athletics training programme and Hoërskool Stellenbosch which provides education and boarding. 

In 2022, the ACE Trust funded the first intake of 16 athletes to join the programme.

Hoërskool Stellenbosch is registered with the Western Cape Department of Education and tuition is in Afrikaans.

The ACE Trust funded the development of a learning hub at Hoërskool Stellenbosch where specialist tutors provide focused bridging programmes focused on the athletes’ academic needs.  The learning hub is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and learning aids.

The Athletics Academy focuses on sprinting, middle distance, race walking, pole vault and throw (javelin, shot put and discus).


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